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BeReal is changing the social media game for young people.

Mar 25 2022

BeReal is changing the social media game for young people. Described as a mix between Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram (basically all of the social platforms), BeReal is taking the pressure out of posting with a photo-sharing model that “forces” users to document what they’re doing at a random time of day—regardless of how boring or exciting that moment is. Users get a “Time to BeReal” notification from the app at a random time of day, prompting them to take one picture of themself and one picture of their surroundings. The point is “You’re not glamorizing anything like you do on Instagram or Facebook,” as one 19-year-older BeReal user puts it. And the catch is, users aren’t allowed to “lurk” on their friends posts of the day until they hit publish on their own. Plus, there’s no likes; users can only interact with their friends’ posts with RealMojis, which are selfies imitating emojis. BeReal first launched in France, becoming one of the top 10 social media apps in the country last March, and it’s taking over U.S. college campuses for its authentic approach to connecting with friends through photos. (Protocol)