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Manifesting is Gen Z and Millennials’ new take on spirituality.

Mar 18 2022

Manifesting is Gen Z and Millennials’ new take on spirituality. YPulse’s religion and spirituality research shows Gen Z and Millennials are becoming less interested in organized religion (and traditional meanings of the word), while some are embracing mystical healing and their passions as a form of religion. Though nothing new, manifesting has become a popular spiritual / mental health practice among these gens, which is all about putting goals into action with the power of positive thinking—and basically just trying to be one’s best self by becoming more in tune with one’s body and needs. The practice has been all over TikTok’s FYP (#Manifestation has generated 15B views) since the beginning of the pandemic as young people use their increased down time for self improvement—and share their tips with viewers so they can become their best selves, too. More extreme manifesters believe you can move into a new existence or dimension, while others follow the general approach of “be the change you want to see in the world.” As one 23-year-old who practices manifestation explains, “The practices that are involved, like gratitude and journaling, positively impacts your mental health whether you think it is spiritual or not.” Our upcoming May trend research also found that 70% of 13-39-year-olds agree, “You can manifest what you want into existence.” (VICE)