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Following their viral “Satan Shoes” success, MSCHF is going all-in on  footwear. 

Mar 14 2022

Following their viral “Satan Shoes” success, MSCHF is going all-in on footwear. Known for its kitschy, out-of-the-box marketing, MSCHF is making its next step in the limited edition footwear industry with its own shoe collection. The first shoe design drops via an app and website this month, featuring a low-top black shoe crisscrossed with stripes that look as if they were wrapped in yellow-and-black caution tape (its first made-from-scratch sneakers). More shoe designs will drop throughout the year, though  details about what they look like and what style of kicks they are will be kept a secret until closer to launch to build “a little pent-up aggression.” YPulse research shows 31% of 13-39-year-olds say they would pay more for a  limited edition product. (WSJ)