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TikTok Live debuted its first sketch comedy show.

Mar 07 2022

TikTok Live debuted its first sketch comedy show. Known as Stapleview, the sketch comedy series is the first fully produced show of its kind on the platform, created by Sam Grey (who is known for work on Whiskey Tango Foxtrot and the upcoming comedy Sacramento). The show offers TikTokers “the best in social media and influencer comedy with segments, sketches, musical bits” and more, streaming live each week for 40-60 minutes on a dedicated TikTok Live channel. TikTok creators Dylan Adler, Sydney Battle, Sarah Coffey, Gray Fagan, DaMya Gurley, Grace Reiter, and Jane Wickline are the stars of the comedy show, attracting a 7M+ audience across their social channels. Entertaining content is one of the main reasons Gen Z and Millennials go on social media, and shows like Stapleview show how TikTok is expanding to capture these gens’ attention even more. (Deadline)