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#PerfumeTok is a (surprising) beauty niche taking over TikTok.

Mar 01 2022

#PerfumeTok is a (surprising) beauty niche taking over TikTok. YPulse told you how TikTok subcultures from #BookTok, to #SkinTok, to #CleanTok have been boosting sales for products since the app exploded. Now, #PerfumeTok (506M views) is experiencing considerable success on the platform, despite the fact that viewers can’t actually smell any of the products; videos rely on flavorful descriptions of a product’s fragrance notes and aesthetically pleasing shots of perfume bottles. Beauty creators on #PerfumeTok vary, some talk about scents by category (floral, warm, citrus, etc.), while others describe fragrances by relating it to scenes and characters from shows such as Euphoria or movies like Pride & Prejudice. Celebrity perfumes like Ariana Grande’s Eau de Parfum are frequently mentioned in this subculture as a dupe for the Maison Francis Kurkdijan’s Baccarat Rouge, while Billie Eilish’s fragrance, Eilish, is heavily talked about as well. Online fragrance brands Snif and Twisted Lily have caught onto the success of this beauty content niche, working with #PerfumeTok creators to generate buzz for their scents. So, when thinking about beauty content on TikTok, it’s important to remember that skincare and makeup products aren’t the only beauty categories booming on the app. (Glossy)