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Sometimes the best content creators brands can work with are regular people. 

Feb 24 2022

Sometimes the best content creators brands can work with are regular people. YPulse’s The New Content Creators trend research found that most young people who are creating content for an audience fall into the nano-influencer category (influencers with 100-999 followers). As social media becomes an even bigger part of young people’s lives, creating content is becoming second nature for Gen Z and Millennials, and brands can benefit from what they’re already producing online—however creative or simple it may be. Take Joey Brown, for example. After taking to Twitter to proclaim her love for Chobani and Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt, Yasso direct-messaged her (despite her rather small social media following), offering to send 20 boxes of frozen treats for nothing in return, not even a post. Brown posted on Instagram anyway, further expressing her love of the yogurt brand. Not only can creating relationships with everyday brand fans help companies reach young people, it gives them a way to advertise without really advertising. Young consumers are already talking about brands on social media, and tapping them for user-generated content can be a boon for appealing to Gen Z and Millennials through what they’re already creating online. (Adweek)