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More than half of Millennial homebuyers regret buying a house. 

Feb 24 2022

More than half of Millennial homebuyers regret buying a house. According to a survey conducted by Clever Real Estate, 82% of Millennial homeowners say they had at least one significant regret about their home purchase. Three main factors play into this feeling of regret: many are realizing they overpaid in an effort to outdo competition, they bought a budget-friendly house in an area that wasn’t their ideal choice, or they opted for an affordable fixer upper, now regretting how many significant repairs are / were needed for it to feel complete. Bank of America’s sixth annual Millennial home-improvement survey from last year also found that more Millennials were taking out significant loans to fund home-improvement projects, which is certainly feeding into their (home)buyer’s remorse. YPulse’s Life Milestones research shows saving up for a home is one of Millennials’ top five goals this year, but a lack of affordable housing options could keep them from buying. (Business Insider)