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Spoke is a music therapy app aimed at Gen Z and Millennials.

Feb 23 2022

Spoke is a music therapy app aimed at Gen Z and Millennials. Similar to mindfulness platforms like Calm and Endel, Spoke wants to tap into the mental wellness space with “functional sound” by “bringing together the seemingly opposing worlds of music culture and mental health.” Spoke is aimed at people 25-years-old and younger, with young men being top of mind, who want a fresh approach to mindfulness apps. The app is based on 18 months of R&D with modern musical artists and scientific advisors, combining music with mindfulness prompts. The app generates sounds using AI, working with a team of artists who were trained by a team of clinical psychologists, therapists, and neuroscientists to produce music that helps users tap into their desired mental state. Spoke is working with more than 25 artists including Jordy, VIC, and Jamilah Barry and recently secured a £1.1 million pre-seed investment, led by U.K.-based Ada Ventures. YPulse’s WE mental health research found that 50% of European Gen Z and 40% of Millennials have made a playlist to listen to when they’re stressed / sad, and combining their love of music with mindfulness practices is one way Spoke is creating a next gen mental health service. (TechCrunch)