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Young British consumers of color (still) don’t feel represented in advertising.

Feb 23 2022

Young British consumers of color (still) don’t feel represented in advertising. When Black Lives Matters protests boomed around the world in 2020, young Brits from marginalized communities called for the advertising industry to better represent them on and off the screen, a task many brands and agencies vowed to take to heart. But a recent survey from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) found that this promise has fallen short: two-thirds of young Brits of color say they still feel under-represented or not represented at all. Meanwhile, around half of respondents say that many current portrayals of their race in ads are inaccurate and that they use negative stereotypes. YPulse’s recent WE Causes / Charity & Activism research found that racism is the top issue young U.K. consumers are passionate about, and our WE TV & entertainment research found that they’re the most likely to say they want to see racially representative actors on-screen. (The Drum)