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Content creator burnout is real.

Feb 17 2022

Content creator burnout is real. According to a study conducted by Vibely (a creator / fan community chat platform), 90% of content creators say they have experienced burnout, with 71% saying it had made them consider quitting altogether. Aside from feeling pressure to constantly invent new content, 65% say one of their top stressors is changes to social media platforms’ algorithms. These algorithms directly affect how their content is viewed, and in some cases, the more time they spend on platforms also directly affects how their content is viewed, creating this constant, exhausting need for them to always be online (something we can all relate to these days, regardless of content creator status). Additionally, Vibely asked creators to rate how happy they were: Snapchat creators rated their happiness as 3.7/10 (on average); Facebook 4.4/10; Pinterest 5.1/10; TikTok 5.5/10; and Instagram and YouTube 5.9/10. YPulse’s The New Content Creators trend research found that 65% of young people create their own social media content for an audience outside of their friends and family, and it’s important to understand the burnout factor when working with these creative gens. (Tubefilter)