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“Gentle parenting” is trending on TikTok.

Feb 17 2022

“Gentle parenting” is trending on TikTok. Many Millennial parents have been moving away from corporal punishment and reactive parenting, and instead leaning into “gentle parenting,” which is grounded in the four elements of respect, understanding, empathy, and boundaries. The approach requires a lot of patience and “focuses on fostering the qualities parents want to see in their children by modeling them in age-appropriate ways.” On TikTok, the parenting style is trending, with the hashtag #GentleParenting generating a whopping 1.2 billion views. Some videos feature parents talking about everything from reminding other parents that they don’t have to be a “pushover” to practice gentle parenting, to using verbal cues like “all done” to signal to a kid that it’s time to move on from an activity, and reminders that kids are curious, not mischievous. YPulse’s recent social media monitor found that 49% of Millennial parents use TikTok, and the popularity of #GentleParenting continues the trend of parents using the app to share honest parenting tidbits and tips. (FatherlyScary Mommy)