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Brands are taking a fresh approach to Valentine’s Day marketing this year.

Feb 14 2022

Brands are taking a fresh approach to Valentine’s Day marketing this year. YPulse’s Valentine’s Day research shows 52% of Gen Z and 48% of Millennials are celebrating the holiday this year, and they view it as a day for everyone to celebrate regardless of their relationship status. With that, brands are helping consumers spread the love in fresh ways: OkCupid launched a series of kitschy, digital greeting cards perfect for friends and romantic partners that were designed by BIPOC, queer, nonbinary, and LGBTQ+ artists and focus on themes from mental health, to dating your ex, red flags, climate change, and more; Bras N Things premiered an “I Come First” campaign aimed at encouraging women to prioritize themselves this VDay with self-care and new lingerie; KFC created a three-foot chicken sandwich stuffed pillow plushie for chicken sandwich lovers; and children’s frozen meal brand Kidfresh launched #PlayTimeForParents to encourage parents to prioritize themselves this Valentine’s Day with an exclusive, parents-only giveaway in partnership with SHAG. (Adweek)