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Veganuary is taking off in its third year running in the U.S. 

Jan 18 2022

Veganuary is taking off in its third year running in the U.S. YPulse’s cooking and diets research shows Gen Z and Millennials’ interest in plant-based food is growing, with Millennials seeing the biggest increase in those who are adopting vegan and vegetarian lifestyles. And while we’ve told you about Dry January and other health-based food trends, Veganuary is a new trend taking off in its third year since being introduced in the U.S. The movement encourages people to skip dairy and meat during January, and 95,000 Americans have taken the pledge so far—a double-digit increase from the number that participated in 2021. Veganuary started in the U.K. in 2014, and it’s growing fast as it scores traction among celebrities and influencers like Laker DeAndre Jordan, musician-producer Jermaine Dupri, and New York mayor Eric Adams (Veganuary has doubled its brand partnerships to 200). According to a YouGov study, 30% of Americans say their perceptions of a plant-based or vegan diet have changed for the better in the last two years, and while Gen Z and Millennials (Gen Z especially) have been forgoing fad weight loss diets, plant-based diets present a more holistic approach to healthier eating, which is better for the environment, too. Veganuary has taken off in around 200 countries to date, and has surpassed 2 million pledges since it began. The nonprofit behind the project says 2022 could be its biggest year yet. (Adweek)