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TikTok could be the future of advertising for Hollywood films and studios.

Jan 12 2022

TikTok could be the future of advertising for Hollywood films and studios. According to a 2021 GoodQues TikTok Entertainment Study, TikTok was cited as the No. 1 activity for U.S. entertainment viewers 18+ when they have an hour to spare, while 58% of TikTok users say they’re “interested” or “very interested” in seeing more studio content on the platform. Sony recently tapped TikTok for a Spider-Man: No Way Home campaign where users could engage with a channel for the Daily Bugle (the fictional newspaper where Peter Parker works) and watch behind-the-scenes clips from Michael Li (@justmaiko), a popular TikTok creator who was given a walk-on part in the movie. Film studios shouldn’t be ignoring TikTok: A July 2021 survey of active TikTok users 18+ found that 41% look up a theater to see where they can watch a movie after discovering it on the platform (compared to 28% who look up a streaming service). YPulse research shows TikTok is young people’s favorite app, and it’s turning into a go-to platform for putting a creative spin on movie marketing. (Deadline)