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Edikted is a fashion brand that’s making moves with Gen Z on TikTok. 

Jan 10 2022

Edikted is a fashion brand that’s making moves with Gen Z on TikTok. Founded by Dedy Schwartzberg and inspired by his previous work at fashion company, Edikted (pronounced “addicted”) is an up-and-coming fashion brand inspired by L.A.’s style scene—and the brand is made entirely for uber trendy, TikTok-obsessed Gen Zs. Despite falling under the fast fashion category, Edikted is zero-waste, making it even more buzzy among the next gen. #Edikted on TikTok counts more than 180M views, and features hauls, outfit inspos (their Luna Flare Faux Leather Jean is massively popular), and lots of dancing videos from users showing off their trendy Edikted ‘fits. Instead of paying social media influencers to promote the brand, Edikted focuses on gifting influencers who often wear the brand but don’t tag it with more Edikted apparel to inspire their future posts—content the brand then reposts to their channel to generate more buzz. The brand keeps a close eye on social media: after #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt went viral last year, the brand asked influencers to create hauls featuring its eye-catching pink packaging and within a few weeks, started going viral. And instead of an affiliate program, Edikted gives influencers / collaborators a coupon code to share with their followers and inspire more content creation relating to Edikted fits. (Glossy)