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Streaming services are experimenting with sports betting to engage young fans.

Dec 13 2021

Streaming services are experimenting with sports betting to engage young fans. As more streaming services incorporate sports coverage into their content, some are leaning into sports betting to increase engagement with fans. Disney, DAZN, FuboTV, and Sling are among the services that have started launching betting companion features (or signaled they’re moving into the sports betting space): FuboTV recently dropped its own betting app, Fubo Sportsbook, in Iowa; Dish teamed up with DraftKings earlier this year to integrate DraftKings’ Sportsbook into its Dish TV Hopper platform as an app; Disney boss Bob Chapek noted in a recent earnings call that the company was “moving towards a greater presence in online sports betting” for its ESPN audiences and plans to work with third parties on its betting offering; and sports streamer DAZN plans “to be in the betting market directly where [they] can.” Sports betting looks different for every company due to state-by-state regulations, but the space is growing—especially among Gen Z and Millennials. YPulse’s Scouting Next Gen Sports Fans trend research shows one-third of young sports fans say sports are only interesting when betting is involved. (The Verge)