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Brands can’t stop making Advent calendars.

Dec 13 2021

Brands can’t stop making Advent calendars. From Sephora, to Tiffany & Co., Purina, and LEGO, every brand seems to be making Advent calendars this year, giving consumers a way to experience their products in a fun, safe way (a.k.a. from their living rooms). Advent calendars act as a sampler pack for brands to introduce their entire product portfolio to new and existing consumers. Take Nespresso’s Holiday Coffee Advent Calendar, for example: The coffee brand has several pod flavors to choose from, and the calendar opens consumers to new flavors they may not have thought of trying. Justin DeGeorge, VP of marketing for Nespresso, says, “[Nespresso’s Advent calendar] has been very well received…it just connects to kind of a happy anticipatory holiday season, and [consumers] really do enjoy discovering new coffees that they haven’t tried.” Like many brands, Nespresso’s Advent calendar has been a staple of holiday marketing for years, and as the trend evolves, it’s important for brands to ensure products inside Advent calendars reflect the value of the price tag (especially when it comes to luxury brands). YPulse told you how TikTokers are criticizing Chanel’s $825 Advent Calendar, which is a lesson to all brands on how to keep the festive offering from turning into a holiday mishap. (Adweek)