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From “rebel hair,” to “octopus hair,” and “puff” hair styles, online search data reveals what the hot new looks are.

Dec 10 2021

From “rebel hair,” to “octopus hair,” and “puff” hairstyles, online search data reveals what the hot new looks are. Y2K comeback styles are endless, and new online search data from Pinterest and Google show we could be seeing a lot of new hair trends reminiscent of the era in 2022. Pinterest’s 2022 “Pinterest Predicts” report came out this week, showing that searches for “space buns” doubled on the platform while “two puffs natural hairstyles” went up 65%. “High puff hairstyles” increased 165% and “natural bun hairstyles” jumped 160% this year. “Rebel hair” is predicted to be a big trend in 2022 according to Pinterest, with styles from “mullet hair,” to “shaved head dye designs,” “short hair mohawk,” and “octopus hair” (think shag cuts, but minus the layers) experiencing upticks in searches. Google’s top hair searches of 2021 also indicate strong interest for “rebel” styles, with the “wolf cut,” “skunk stripe hair,” “fluffy hair,” and “hair tinsel” among the list of most-searched for hairstyles. And of course, a Squid Game-inspired look is trending as “Squid Game red hair” searches surge on Google. Gen Z already declared blonde hair cheugy, and clearly young consumers are interested in spicing up their looks even more. (Glossy)