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Cilantro soap is a thing now, thanks to Chipotle.

Dec 03 2021

Cilantro soap is a thing now, thanks to Chipotle. YPulse’s new Pop Culture Redefined trend research explores how brands are successfully interacting with viral moments in pop culture, and the majority of young people say brands should be commenting on viral pop culture events to stay relevant with their generation. Chipotle is listening, as is evident with its latest product venture: Cilantro Soap. The product plays on the fact that 4-14% of the population thinks cilantro tastes like soap, and turns the joke post Chipotle created about cilantro soap this past August into a reality. The QSR is leaning into gaming as well, teaming up with Halo Infinite Multiplayer (a popular new release that’s already breaking records) where players can activate five in-game bonuses dubbed Halo Infinite Challenge Swaps via a special checkout code. Chipotle is also bringing back its Chipotle Challenger Series running December 10-13, offering gamers the opportunity to engage with notable creators in a Halo Infinite Multiplayer tournament—$65,000 will be awarded in cash and prizes. (Marketing Dive)