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TikTok star Kyle Scheele concocted an elaborate Kum & Go prank, then turned it into his own brand deal.

Nov 23 2021

TikTok star Kyle Scheele concocted an elaborate Kum & Go prank, then turned it into his own brand deal. Known for his speaking and writing background (not to mention his intricate cardboard art skills), Kyle Scheele created the ultimate Kum & Go prank after learning that employees at the convenience store chain have nothing to do with the installation of in-store promotional displays. Scheele documented the creation of his prank on TikTok, sharing how he turned a photoshopped image of himself playing a pizza-shaped guitar into a massive in-store promotion for “The Kyle Scheele Meal.” Scheele successfully installed the display in his local Kum & Go with no questions asked from employees, successfully pulling off what he described a “reverse heist.” In one week, Scheele’s video garnered more than 24M views, and fans quickly started showing up at the Kum & Go to take pictures with the display and celebrate the successful prank. Fans flooded Twitter requesting Kum & Go to make “The Kyle Scheele Meal” a reality, and within hours, Kum & Go announced it was launching the “Kyle Scheele Meale”: a $5 combo meal including two slices of pizza and a 12-ounce Red Bull for $5. Not only was the prank a win for Scheele—Kum & Go released a statement explaining it will donate $2 for every Scheele meal sold to No Kid Hungry from the day it launched until Thanksgiving Day. For a brand that aims to stay “quirky but relevant,” the Kyle Scheele prank-turned-brand-deal was a no-brainer tie-in, and marks yet another example of why brands need to pay attention to the trends, influencers, and conversations taking place on TikTok. YPulse’s Social Media Deep Dive trend research shows that the majority of Gen Z TikTok users say they feel trends are created on the platform first. (AdAge)