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This week in things Gen Z is making cool again: flip phones are making a comeback.

Nov 12 2021

This week in things Gen Z is making cool again: flip phones are making a comeback. First there was Y2K fashion and more recently the return of the wired headphones (don’t worry, we’re also still struggling to accept this trend). Now, flip phones are the latest 2000s-era tech making a comeback as Gen Z ditches their “overly”-connected smartphones for simpler devices. #FlipPhone on TikTok counts nearly 230M views as users share videos decorating their Motorola Razrs, unboxing videos, and Samsung’s smart flip phone—the Galaxy Z Flip 3. Music videos from Jack Harlow and Sunmi also feature clips of both artists talking on flip phones as they channel their inner ‘00s teen. And while bringing back the flip phone may feel unnecessary to some, it stems from a desire to go offline. Nicky Shapiro, a 23-year-old and proud owner of a modern AT&T Alcatel SmartFlip Phone notes, “I constantly feel [my iPhone’s] presence in my pocket. I just reach for it for it for no reason, I am not even checking the time. I felt a complete reliance and addition to it.” Still, many admit that it’s nearly impossible to truly unplug in an age where everything relies on two-factor authentication, peer-to-peer payments, and navigation via smartphone, but we still appreciate the effort Gen Z is going to as they reinforce the importance of unplugging from time to time. (Mashable)