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What’s the deal with Gen Z and wired headphones? 

Nov 01 2021

What’s the deal with Gen Z and wired headphones? It turns out, wired headphones aren’t just an accessory, they’re a state of mind. According to 24-year-old creator Shelby Hull, “wired is an attitude,” and a number of celebrities and influencers including Lily Rose Depp and the Olsen twins have been ditching their wireless buds for the OG headphones that once came with iPods. The “movement” has slowly picked up speed after Bella Hadid started bringing back wired headphones nearly two years ago. Wired headphones are about individuality and the idea that not every consumer wants to shell out hundreds of dollars for a pair of pods that do the exact same thing. AirPods are now seen by some as “uncool” since they’re often associated with Big Tech and finance bros. Moral of the story, OG headphones are nostalgic for young consumers because they remind them of being “plugged into simpler times.” (Mashable)