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Some Millennial parents are “rejecting” the family dinner.

Nov 11 2021

Some Millennial parents are “rejecting” the family dinner. For generations, the importance of families eating dinner together has been emphasized, but according to one expert, “The pressure to do family dinner ‘right’ can feel defeating and can even make families less likely to eat together.” That pressure has historically been put on moms’ shoulders, and Millennial moms are more likely to work than any generation before them, making family dinner time an even more difficult accomplishment. So, some modern families are forgoing the family dinner, and instead focusing on any time spent together that makes sense for them. YPulse’s research on cooking and diets shows that 89% of Millennial parents agree “It is very important to eat dinner with my children,” so clearly this generation of parents is feeling the family meal pressure. (HuffPost)