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This week in TikTok beauty news, hyaluronic acid is blowing up as a hair treatment. 

Nov 04 2021

This week in TikTok beauty news, hyaluronic acid is blowing up as a hair treatment. Everything from lube primer to undereye circles has been gaining popularity on TikTok as users discover new (and weird) beauty tricks. Now, hyaluronic acid (#hyaluronicacid counts 105.4M views) is taking off as a hair treatment backed by popular beauty influencers and dermatologists. Products from The Ordinary and The Inkey List are go-to hyaluronic acid treatments young people have been using in their videos, sharing how the ingredient improves the appearance and feel of damaged hair (it’s also safe for color treated hair). And while these hyaluronic acid products originally took off as a skincare trend, TikTokers are showing the 2-in-1 benefits of using it as both a skin and hair product. This isn’t the first time a skincare product has taken off as a hair product, either. The “skinification of hair” is growing among beauty enthusiasts as they focus on what ingredients (rather than specific products) can remedy their hair, and The Inkey List has introduced seven hair products—including a hyaluronic acid hair treatment—in response to the growing trend. YPulse’s beauty research found that skincare and hair styling products are some of the top beauty items young consumers are using. (Glossy)