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Backdrop house paint is changing the home renovation game.

Oct 25 2021

Backdrop house paint is changing the home renovation game. YPulse’s Shopping for the Home research found that more than half of 13-39-year-olds say everything in their home should be beautiful so it looks good on social media. Enter Backdrop, a DTC house paint brand that was (literally) “made for social media” with hues that are as colorful as they are relaxing. Backdrop’s social media serves as inspiration for young home renovators with design tips and tricks and a generous library of tagged posts from current customers. Plus, the paint comes at an affordable starting price of $45 (not to mention Backdrop’s aesthetically pleasing paint cans), and consumers can receive a color consultation and stick swatches for easy sampling—making trips to the paint supply store a thing of the past. Brands have also been leaning into the Backdrop paint craze, including Dunkin’s line of bright orange and pink house paint. According to Backdrop, this year’s paint trends include vibrant blues, sage greens, mellow beiges, warm lilacs, slate blues, and light peaches. (Refinery29)