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Halloween costumes are an “environmental nightmare.”

Oct 19 2021

Halloween costumes are an “environmental nightmare.” YPulse’s Halloween research found that 70% of young females and 71% of young males plan to buy Halloween costumes instead of making their own, and American consumers are expected to spend nearly $3.32 billion on costumes this year. Spirit Halloween and Walmart tend to be go-to spots for finding cheap, disposable costumes, but coupled with the fact that 83% of materials used to make these costumes derives from plastic, disposable costumes play a signifacent role in the world’s waste problem. Tiffany Beveridge (content director at kid’s clothing startup Primary) recognizes the problem, and started a free Halloween costume concierge four years ago to help people make their own costumes from pieces in their wardrobe. The effort is still around today, and consumers can email the concierge and submit a request via its helpline for tips on how to create adult- (and kid-) friendly costumes from scratch. (Fast Company)