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Luxury beauty brands are leaning into the “Snapchat effect” to reach young consumers.

Oct 18 2021

Luxury beauty brands are leaning into the “Snapchat effect” to reach young consumers. As legacy beauty brands go after the next gen, AR filters on Snapchat and Instagram are two ways they’re switching up their communication methods. For its Miss Dior fragrance campaign this past September, Parfums Christian Dior introduced new Snapchat and Instagram filters to encourage “visual word of mouth.” According to Laurent Francis, managing partner of digital marketing firm 180 Luxe, Snapchat and Instagram filters create shareable moments between friends, providing a seamless way for the brand to interact with young people via digital formats that they’re already accustomed to. The Miss Dior fragrance campaign worked with Germany-based 3D artists to create a blooming flowers filter animation that’s activated with music when the user smiles, and was promoted by celebrities and influencers first, eventually receiving 1.3 million impressions total. The Miss Dior selfie filter was also made available in Instagram private video calls, and Francis notes that around 100,000 users used the filter after launching at the beginning of September. YPulse told you how brands have been tapping Snapchat for creative campaigns, and custom filters on the app is one way to communicate via Gen Z and Millennials via Snapchat’s “native language.” (Glossy)