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“Made-to-fade” tattoos are the hottest new trend in ink.

Oct 15 2021

“Made-to-fade” tattoos are the hottest new trend in ink. Led by temporary tattoo startups like Toronto’s Inkbox and New York’s Ephemeral, risk averse Gen Z and Millennials can’t get enough of delicate, “made-to-fade” tattoos (no, not the press-on kind) the studios specialize in. Ephemeral has built a strong following of 15.2K TikTok followers since making their way to the Williamsburg neighborhood earlier this year. The process of their temp ink mimics the cost (and pain) of a real tattoo, the only difference is that Ephemeral’s tattoos only last for nine to 15 months. YPulse’s research found that 41% of Gen Z and Millennials have tattoos, and dainty designs (plus fandoms) are some of the most popular tattoos they’re getting inked with. And now that there’s a market for temporary tattoos, young people can finally get their favorite designs inked without the fear of regretting it later in life. (The Cut)