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Gen Z job seekers are using virtual networking to their advantage. 

Oct 15 2021

Gen Z job seekers are using virtual networking to their advantage. YPulse’s What’s Next for Work trend research shows that 56% of young people in North America are currently employed, and Gen Z is expected to make up 30% of the workforce by 2030 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. And while the pandemic has vastly changed how some young people are entering the workforce for the first time (i.e. online), they’re using the virtual job world to build connections with professionals and potential employers. In a survey of over 1,200 alumni and soon-to-be graduates and an analysis of over 2 million connections this year conducted by Handshake, nearly seven in 10 job seekers believe that they don’t need to meet in person to create a meaningful professional connection. Additionally, 87% of young job seekers believe that messaging with an employer may lead to a job while 92% of alumni report that they would pay it forward by helping a fellow alumnus find a job. (Fast Company)