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Fictional TikTok characters could be the next influencers, at least for entertainment startup FourFront. 

Oct 14 2021

Fictional TikTok characters could be the next influencers, at least for entertainment startup FourFront. YPulse’s research shows that 80% of Gen Z and 70% of Millennial social media users follow a TV/movie celebrity, musician, online celebrity, and/or athlete on social media. And while their relatability may be their superpower, entertainment startup FourFront is banking that social media users will be looking for a new type of influencer—fictional ones, that is. Fictional TikTok influencers is FourFront’s specialty, currently boasting 22 TikTok personalities that are scripted and managed by the startup, and in just eight months some of the fictional TikTok accounts have amassed 1.93 million followers and over 281 million views according to the company’s co-founder. Among the characters are Tia (@thatsthetia), a student, PR intern, and future princess played by 29-year-old actress Cameisha Cotton; Ollie (@oxenfreeollie) is a transgender man sharing about his journey to reconnect with his estranged father; and Sydney (@sydneyplus) who works at a dating app (that shall not be named) and often shares about her sibling relationship with her sister/roommate—and her sister’s fiancé. Each fictional influencer uses hashtags and disclaimers in their bios to ensure viewers know that their stories are made up, although some experts say it’s hard to tell what’s real and fake for viewers who come across the fictional videos on their For You Page. FourFront wants to continue adding new characters to its portfolio and notes, “We would love to come up with ways to work with TikTok to telegraph that this is fictional…because long-term, we don’t think we’re going to be alone in this space.” (Insider)