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For Harry Styles fans, concerts are their personal fashion extravaganza. 

Oct 14 2021

For Harry Styles fans, concerts are their personal fashion extravaganza. Harry Styles’ rescheduled “Love on Tour” (finally) kicked off in early September, and has quickly become a fashion event for his fans as they take to social media to share their “outfit reveals,” basking in the artist’s liberating presence as an icon for self-expression. From August 15-September 30, #hslotoutfit on TikTok garnered over 37 million views in the U.S., growing from less than 10,000 video views per day to an average of 1.5 million per day. Nissy Simao, a 23-year-old L.A.-based social media producers notes, “People joke and say that one, [Styles] concerts aren’t even concerts anymore, they’re fashion shows, and two, the fans dress better than him at this point.” Instagram is also a Styles-inspired fashion hub, and the @hslotfashionhq account (run by an L.A.-based college student) is a fast-growing point of fashion inspiration for young fans on the platform, counting 12.9k followers. (Fashionista)