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Anonymous social network Blue Fever is acquiring Trill—a Gen Z-founded virtual support app.

Oct 07 2021

Anonymous social network Blue Fever is acquiring Trill—a Gen Z-founded virtual support app. Since launching in 2018 in a high school Girls Who Code club, Trill has amassed over 100,000 downloads while establishing itself as an anonymous place for teens to “express [themselves] freely—and safely—about anything: sexuality, mental health, school, parents, and every emotion on the spectrum.” The app was created by Gen Z founders Georgia Messinger and Ari Sokolov, and anonymous social network Blue Fever (backed by investors like Amazon Alexa Fund, Bumble Fund, and Serena Williams) just acquired Trill in an attempt to reach more Gen Z users. Both apps are anonymous networks putting mental health content at their core, and the acquisition will “transfer” Trill users to the Blue Fever app where users can communicate with each other by posting pages in journals (a series of “notes” from users around topics like college, relationships, gender identity, etc.). Blue Fever uses AI technology to provide resources to users who may be in danger, along with human moderators to keep the platform safe. YPulse’s Clicking on Community trend research found that 34% of Gen Z and Millennials say they find their sense of community on a social media platform, and niche networks like Blue Fever and Trill are attempting to become a new kind of social network where young users who are disillusioned with mainstream social platforms can communicate their mental health/identity struggles. (TechCrunch)