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Lunchables are flying off the shelves, thanks to Millennial parents.

Oct 07 2021

Lunchables are flying off the shelves, thanks to Millennial parents. Yes, Millennial parents are more health-conscious than previous generations when it comes to their kids’ diets, but it seems nostalgia (and convenience) may be trumping healthfulness in some cases. Reports of Lunchable shortages are all over social media, and Kraft Heinz reports that nearly two million more households bought Lunchables in Q2 2021 compared to the same time in 2019, resulting in “double digit growth for the first time in four years.” Of course, over half of Millennial parents tell YPulse that they consider what their kids want when choosing groceries, so they could be helping fuel the Lunchables craze as well. (Yahoo! News)