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Nonbinary content creators are sharing fashion advice while building community on TikTok. 

Oct 01 2021

Nonbinary content creators are sharing fashion advice while building community on TikTok. YPulse’s Clicking on Community trend research shows that 34% of Gen Z and Millennials find their sense of community on social media, and a growing community of nonbinary content creators is popping up on TikTok as users share advice, inspirational OOTD (outfit of the day) clips, and even start their own challenges like “show me your favorite non-binary outfit equation, I’ll start.” #NonbinaryFashion counts more than 6M TikTok views, while #UnisexFashion has more than 11M views, and these popular tags and influencers who are part of the community have become more than entertainment for the community—they’re vital resources for individuals who are in the process of embracing their identity or discovering the community for the first time. Kate Sabatine is a popular nonbinary fashion creator with over 948,000 TikTok followers who notes, “I hope to teach people, especially my impressionable, younger audience that you don’t need to follow trends to look and feel cool and that it doesn’t have to be expensive to express yourself.” The #NonbinaryFashion community is also calling on fashion brands to listen to the needs of their community by creating styles that are adaptable and gender-inclusive, while educating their young audiences on how to use fashion to liberate them, not constrain them to the binary ideals of what is strictly made for just “men” or “women.” YPulse’s Gender Blur trend research shows that young generations’ sexual orientation are more fluid than generations before them, and 47% of 13-39-year-olds say social media platforms will be responsible for changing current gender expectations. (CNN)