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7-Eleven is leaning into fan-generated content to boost engagement with Gen Z.

Sep 30 2021

7-Eleven is leaning into fan-generated content to boost engagement with Gen Z. After discovering an ode to its 7-Eleven nachos on Instagram posted by teenage punk band Froggy, the brand quickly swooped on the opportunity to engage with its young fans by producing a music video for Froggy at their local 7-Eleven store. Shortly after posting, the video took off on social media while becoming part of a larger content strategy that 7-Eleven is now embracing by letting its young fans serve as the inspiration for future campaigns. A Fuel Your Fandom sweepstakes is also kicking off aimed at finding “aspiring social media influencers who are trying to grow their audience” to promote 7-Eleven products that tie into football season. The brand’s CMO Marissa Jarrett notes how the convenience store’s strategy comes from a place of creating content that doesn’t come off as too “manufactured” by “starting from a place of what’s already happening with the brand, [and] what consumers are doing to associate themselves with the brand.” YPulse’s social and mobile marketing research shows that 78% of young social media users say brands should make ads that fit in with what’s in their feed, and listening to the trends and content that young consumers are involved in is a great place to start when it comes to authentically advertising to them. (Digiday)