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Young fitness influencers are creating a community of female weightlifters via GymTok.

Sep 29 2021

Young fitness influencers are creating a community of female weightlifters via GymTok. A new TikTok subculture known as GymTok has emerged, and the women bodybuilders, lifters, and fitness influencers part of the community are helping close the gender gap in lifting while helping fitness gurus everywhere build (no pun intended) body positivity for a space that is mostly dominated by men. #GymTok currently has 10.1B views on TikTok, with #FitnessTikTok (1.1B views) and #FemaleBodyBuilders (95.1M views) also growing. Videos like workouts for “shy girls” (a term for how women sometimes feel uncomfortable lifting in front of men), lifting techniques, and advice are just some of the clips circulating the subculture, and, and @valenchita_ are popular GymTok influencers. Young users often flock to the comment sections on GymTok videos to share their weight lifting experiences, helping build community and make the activity less intimidating one clip at a time. YPulse’s Clicking on Community trend research found that 34% of Gen Z and 29% of Millennials are part of an online group focused on a shared hobby, and 33% of Gen Z (vs. 27% of Millennials) stay up to date with the online groups they’re a part of via comments on videos or creator content. (Stylist)