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Gen Z listeners are fueling a music boom for ‘90s country.

Sep 23 2021

Gen Z listeners are fueling a music boom for ‘90s country. YPulse told you how Gen Z has been leading an emo revival as they revel in hits from Green Day, My Chemical Romance, and Avril Lavigne. Now, young listeners are making ‘90s country cool again as they resurface iconic hits from Shania Twain, the Chicks, and George Strait. Spotify’s Head of Artist and Label Partnerships in Nashville Brittany Schaffer notes that the surge in ‘90s country listening started during the pandemic when “listeners were seeking comfort in nostalgia,” and YPulse’s music research found that 37% of young listeners say COVID-19 and quarantines have changed the kind of music they listen to. Around 90 million playlists from young listeners include country songs from the ‘90s, and streams of Spotify’s ‘90s Country playlist have increased by 70% since 2018 among Gen Z. Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Pandora are also responding to young listeners’ demand for the genre by creating curated playlists for them to listen to. (Rolling Stone)