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Gen Z and (young) Millennial employees are disrupting traditional work culture—and for the better.

Sep 17 2021

Gen Z and (young) Millennial employees are disrupting traditional work culture—and for the better. Earlier this summer, videos of TikTokers quitting their toxic corporate jobs went viral while opening up conversations about what the next gen is looking for in their career (hint: it’s not the same “hustle” culture generations before them have grown accustomed to). Gen Z and young Millennial employees are demanding flexibility and achieving it through remote work—productivity has reportedly increased 13% because of remote work and has fostered a culture of trust between employers and employees. Younger generations have boosted job satisfaction rates—a 2020 Gallup poll shows that the amount of global employees who say they feel engaged with their job rose from 12% in 2009 to 20% in 2020—and young workers are rejecting the traditional linear work path of climbing the corporate ladder by choosing careers where they’re able to work for themselves as freelancers while chasing jobs that have a positive impact on the world. YPulse’s employment and career goals research shows that the majority of Gen Z say that having a job they enjoy doing and working for an organization that offers good benefits are the top two factors they consider very important to their future and career. (Fast Company)