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TikTok launched a Latinx creator incubator for Hispanic Heritage Month. 

Sep 13 2021

TikTok launched a Latinx creator incubator for Hispanic Heritage Month. We told you how TikTok launched a Summer Songwriting Academy to support emerging BIPOC musicians, and now they’re launching a new initiative for Latinx creatives in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. The TikTok Latinx Creatives program, which is being hosted in collaboration with Macro (a multi-platform media company that represents voices and perspectives of Black and BIPOC individuals), will take place over 10 weeks and help nurture 150 resident creators and musicians. Meanwhile, Macro will advise TikTok on speaker selection, programming, and business-building opportunities for participants. YPulse’s employment and career goals behavioral report found that 47% of 13-39-year-old Hispanic consumers want to have a job in the arts—and TikTok’s new program is a way to help them get one step closer to achieving those dreams. (BillboardTubefilter)