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Gen Z and Millennials are seeking careers that are committed to the climate crisis.

Sep 08 2021

Gen Z and Millennials are seeking careers that are committed to the climate crisis. YPulse’s sustainability research shows that 77% of Gen Z and Millennials say that it’s up to their generations to stop climate change from getting worse, and as they take action to improve the world’s climate crisis, some are viewing their careers as a pathway to change. Rachel Larrivee, a 23-year-old sustainability consultant sums it up: “Once you learn how damaged the world’s ecosystems are, it’s not really something you can unsee. To me, there’s no point in pursuing a career—or life for that matter—in any other area.” College campuses are integrating climate studies into their programs, and The University of Southern California in L.A. launched a “Sustainability Across the Curriculum” program this year to educate its 20,000 undergraduate students on how their majors intersect with sustainability and the environment. New York University’s environmental studies program is experiencing a boost in enrollment as well, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment opportunities for environmental scientists and “related specialists” will grow 8% over the next 10 years—a much faster growth rate compared to other industries. (The GuardianBusiness Insider)