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Fintech startup Mos wants to be young people’s “financial super app.”

Sep 02 2021

Fintech startup Mos wants to be young people’s “financial super app.” Launching this month as a banking app, Mos is aimed at helping the next gen manage their personal finances by offering financial aid services, a system for helping users manage their savings and investments, and helping them attain financial freedom. Founder and CEO of Mos, Amira Yahyaoui, explains how she created Mos to help young people who are struggling with managing their own finances, as many traditional services often don’t cater to newcomers. Since 2018, around 400,000 students have used Mos, garnering an annual average of $16, 430 in college financial aid. While Mos has a strong presence among students seeking financial aid resources, the company hopes to be a place where Gen Z and young Millennials will go to take out home mortgages, compare loan options, and search for jobs. Yahyaoui explains, “The goal is not to just become a student bank. The goal is to be like a financial super app…we are interested in solving the first years of adulting.” YPulse’s fintech research shows that the majority of 18+ are managing their own finances using a mobile app, and Gen Z-friendly financial services like Mos are helping the next gen achieve financial independence. (Time)