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Influencer ecommerce platform Emcee is making a major play for Gen Z.

Jul 30 2021

Influencer ecommerce platform Emcee is making a major play for Gen Z. Aimed at getting kitschy indie brands into the influencer marketing game, Emcee is a new influencer affiliate platform going after Gen Z with its “avant basic” aesthetic—a trend spearheaded by online fashion boutique Lisa Says Gah. Emcee’s main focus is on indie-leaning brands and giving influencers a platform to authentically showcase their favorite products. Influencers can create curated storefronts composed of products from their favorite indie brands and their own personal items (a major win for reaching Depop-obsessed Gen Z shoppers). An application and vetting process (overseen by fashion influencer Alyssa Coscarelli) is required, and once influencers are accepted they can sell any brand on the platform and use their own imagery for posts. Coscarelli will serve as the director of partnerships for Emcee and notes that influencers “are chosen based on their aesthetic, and whether they have a niche and can be considered a tastemaker in some space.” YPulse’s celebrity and influencers research found that 51% of young consumers have purchased something an online celebrity has recommended, and Emcee could be a major platform for reaching a younger, more indie-leaning audience like Gen Z by putting influencers at the center. (Glossy)