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Snap is leaning into the future of AR shopping.

Jul 22 2021

Snap is leaning into the future of AR shopping. YPulse’s Retail’s New Reality trend research shows how brands adopted AR experiences during COVID to engage with online shoppers in new ways. Now, Snapchat’s parent company has acquired Vertebrae, a company that helps brands turn their products into 3D goods. Once available, brands will be able to upload AR versions of their goods via a self-service system on Snapchat, allowing users to shop and discover just about anything straight from the app. While Snapchat has always dabbled in AR with fun filters and photo effects, the social media platform’s acquisition of Vertebrae (on top of its acquisition of Fit Analytics and Screenshop) signals how Snapchat could change the online shopping experience by bringing even more AR displays of products to users’ phones. YPulse has told you why brands need to have an augmented reality plan to reach young consumers, and Snap’s Vertebrae integration could make it easier for brands to tap into AR experiences. (The Verge)