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Madewell is introducing a thrifted denim platform via ThredUp.

Jul 21 2021

Madewell is introducing a thrifted denim platform via ThredUp. No stranger to secondhand clothing (or partnering with ThredUp), Madewell is teaming up with the thrift retailer for Madewell Forever, a shopping platform dedicated to “pre-loved” denim. More than 3,000 denim styles ranging from $30 to $50 will be available, along with a feed that refreshes each hour with new inventory. Madewell’s denim trade-in program (which allows consumers to donate their used jeans in exchange for $20 credit toward a new pair) is one way the brand has shown its commitment for sustainable fashion by giving new life to old clothes, and Madewell Forever plans to welcome more than one million jeans to the program by 2023 as part of the brand’s large-scale circularity initiative. YPulse’s sustainability research shows that 49% of Gen Z and Millennials have purchased secondhand clothing and accessories, and according to ThredUp, Madwell’s denim is one of their favorite styles to thrift. (Marie Claire)