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Private online clubs are the new focus group.

Jul 19 2021

Private online clubs are the new focus group. YPulse told you how Gen Z and Millennials are using social media groups, and now it appears small DTC brands like Ceremonia, Golde, and Weave are using groups on Instagram and slack-like messaging platform Geneva to gather real-time product insights from influencers and consumers. Hair-care brand Ceremonia is using Geneva to interact with its “insider community” of influencers where they discuss feedback from product testing and ideas for improving formulas; Golde also uses Geneva for its #ClubGolde ambassador program and for sharing influencer campaign ideas; Wig startup Waeve uses a private Instagram account known as “Waeve Baes” for talking about package innovation, influencer marketing, and overall brand feedback. Glossier, Versed, Glow Recipe, and Curology have also relied on online community groups to gain real-time product feedback from consumers and influencers—a strategy that has become a core aspect of how they develop their products. (Glossy)