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Food and bev brands are tapping into viral recipe content.

Jul 09 2021

Food and bev brands are tapping into viral recipe content. With some of the yummiest (and weirdest) recipes taking off on TikTok, brands like Swoon, Dunkin’, and Nutter Butter are using food trends as an opportunity to engage with young audiences. Known for its zero-sugar lemonade, Swoon reached out to TikTok creators to produce recipe-driven videos around the whipped lemonade trend—and now a video from PureWow featuring a Swoon whipped lemonade video is now in the top video section on the app. Dunkin’, one of the most followed brands on TikTok, encourages its iced coffee’s cult following by frequently posting content related to product releases and recipes, and has partnered with one of Gen Z and Millennials’ favorite creators, Charli D’Amelio. Nutter Butter notes their TikTok strategy was created to “highlight the brand’s personality in a less curated way,” and has responded to hot topics like #tortillatrend—and attempted to spark a new one with #nutterbuttercoffeeYPulse’s Comfort in the Kitchen trend data shows that 44% of 13-39-year-olds have cooked a recipe that was going viral on social media, and while “viral” content can be difficult to produce organically, food trends on TikTok can help brands put their own spin on what people are already talking about online. (Modern Retail)