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Verizon’s Visible is prioritizing long-term influencer partnerships. 

Jun 18 2021

Verizon’s Visible is prioritizing long-term influencer partnerships. According to Visible, Verizon’s digital-only phone carrier, social listening is a valuable component of its influencer strategy. Rather than capitalize on every viral moment in influencer marketing, Visible is approaching its strategy with longevity in mind to foster connections with their audiences. Its latest campaign, #ProudlyVisible, is working with influencers including Pattie Gonia, ALOK, Matt Bernstein, Tarek Ali, and more in an effort to uplift the voices of various LGBTQ+ artists and activists. While the campaign is Pride Month focused, Visible is making sure that its influencer relationships with LGBTQ+ voices go beyond Pride Month by continuously investing in partnerships with the community. Supporting the LGBTQ+ community beyond Pride Month is vital for brands who want to reach Gen Z, with the generation far more likely than any other to identify as LGBTQ+. (Digiday)