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VidCon is going all in on TikTok.

Jun 16 2021

VidCon is going all in on TikTok. The Gen Z platform is signing on as lead sponsor for VidCon 2021, taking the spot YouTube has held since 2013. VidCon, the event that brings together online creators and their fans, was founded by YouTubers and the switch “marks a notable shift in VidCon history and the social media industry,” and an indication that some of the most influential creators are on the app. TikTok’s first appearance at the conference was only in 2019, showing just how quickly they’ve become an industry mainstay. Andre Swilley, Sarah Lugor, Devon Rodriguez, Alex Warren, Michael Le, and several other TikTok stars will appear at this year’s event, along with OG YouTubers Brent Rivera, Sofie Dossi, and Alex Wassabi. YouTube says it will stay involved “through new and different opportunities,” and will reportedly reveal its involvement soon. (BuzzFeed News)