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Gen Z & Millennials want to see their values-driven attitude infused into work culture.

May 06 2021

Gen Z & Millennials want to see their values-driven attitude infused into work culture. According to McCrindle Research, Gen Z, defined by McCrindle as people 12-26-years-old, will make up 27% of the workforce by 2025, and they want to see diversity, equity, and inclusion and open communication represented in the workplace. While the generations have long asked for brands to be transparent about the social causes they support—YPulse’s Corporate Social Responsibility report found that a brand’s CSR efforts positively influence young consumers’ intent to purchase—they’re ready to see these values show up in the workforce, with 69% of 12-26-year-olds stating they would “absolutely” apply to a job that shows their support for building a racially and ethnically diverse work community. Gender is also top of mind for young people, and 65% of 12-26-year-olds feel strongly that asking someone what their gender pronouns are should be part of the recruitment process. Still, traditional values like open communication and human interaction are just as important for young people with 60% saying they want frequent check-ins from their supervisors and a feeling of belonging within their work community. Gen Z and Millennials are the most racially and ethnically diverse generations in the U.S., and they want to see it reflected in the office. (Forbes)