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Password anxiety and panic has grown increasingly common among online users in the last year. 

Apr 15 2021

Password anxiety and panic has grown increasingly common among online users in the last year. According to a LastPass report, anxiety over passwords is having “a snowball effect” among users. Seventy percent say they feel they have too many different passwords to remember, prompting the average person to use the same password for six different accounts—both personal and work-related. Even when asked to create ones that are different, a majority say the new passwords are still similar to existing ones. Most people say they store their passwords in their phones or computers, and 65% of respondents admit that they experience panic or anxiety when they discover they don’t have a stored password for a site they frequently use, while 57% say they’d be locked out of most of their accounts if they ever lost their phone. That being said, YPulse’s The Privacy Issue trend report found that 36% of 13-39-year-olds change their pins or passwords often. (TechRepublic)